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November 23 2010

I miss Railgun... the last arc in Index was so awesome because it was secretly just Railgun in disguise.

One of these days I should translate the ero fanfiction he writes--

November 17 2010

Reposting because soup doesn't want to load the image on the other post, wtf.

[I love it.]
Marisa: Alice~
Alice: This is what you want, right?
Marisa: Hehehe~
Marisa: It's really calming being like this.
Marisa: Don't you like it, Alice?
Alice: Nope, I love it.
Alice: (So... so cute...)

[I... don't dislike it.]
Alice: But Marisa,
Alice: if you're making me take you from behind...
Marisa: Eh?
Marisa: Ah!
*slide up*
Marisa: Hey, stop-...!
Alice: Hehe... You're so cute... Marisa.
*shiver shiver*
Marisa: Hey...! Don't talk so close to my ear...!
Alice: Oh my, don't you like it like this?
*badump badump badump*
Alice: She's so cute I can't help myself...
Marisa: I... I don't... dislike... it.

November 14 2010

久しぶりね… and as per usual I'm only translating to procrastinate real work-


(continued here)

[Touhou School] Marisa's Time-Wasting ~Alice's Story~ [Part 1]

*ding~ dong~*
Marisa: (*Sigh*...)
Marisa: (BORED...)
Marisa: (Reimu's part of the student council,)
Marisa: (Patchouli's a library rep,)
Marisa: (and Alice is in the handicrafts club.)
Marisa: (Nobody else has the time either...)
   [------Oh well.]
Marisa: (I'm sure she won't have a problem.)

Marisa: 'Scuse me~
   [Sign: Handicrafts Club]
Marisa: You here, Alice?
Alice: Oh, hello, Marisa.
Alice: What is it?
Marisa: It's nothing.
Marisa: Just killing time.

Alice: So?
Alice: Then why'd you come here?
Alice: You must have something in mind.
Marisa: Nope,
Marisa: It's really nothing this time.
Alice: Really.
Alice: That's unusual. I wonder if it'll rain tomorrow. Oh, or perhaps there'll be a meteor shower?
Marisa: What are you implying?
Marisa: It's just that I couldn't arrange anything with
Marisa: Reimu, Patchouli, Nitori, Flan OR Kourin.
Alice: ... Really......

Alice: I see how it is...
Marisa: Oi! Alice! The needle!
Marisa: The needle! You stabbed yourself! Blood! Blooood!
Alice: This doesn't hurt at all.
Alice: ...... not in comparison.
Alice: Sorry.
Alice: I
Alice: just remembered something important I have to do. Would you mind leaving?

Marisa: ?! Wait!
Marisa: Alice!
Marisa: ALICE!
Reimu: Are you an IDIOT?!
Reimu: God!

Marisa: You don't have to shout at me......
Reimu: Good grief, Marisa, you're terrible.
Marisa: So I guess I'm the one at fault here?
Reimu: *sigh...*
Reimu: Don't you get it?
Reimu: What you said was basically, you had nothing better to do than go hang out with Alice.
Marisa: I-I didn't mean to imply that it was a shame or anything!
Reimu: Maybe not, but it sure sounds like it.
   [------It's just that I couldn't arrange anything with Reimu, Patchouli------]
Reimu: W-well, I do appreciate
Reimu: being the first one you think of.
Marisa: ? What are you talking about?
Reimu: ?! *C-COUGH*
Reimu: Anyway,

Reimu: make sure you apologise to her.
Marisa: Yep,
Marisa: I know.
Marisa: So, like,
Marisa: take care of this (bag) for me!
Reimu: Marisaaa---
*pant pant pant*

..... to be continued I guess!

November 05 2010

There's no way my best friend can be this yuri!... man, so true. Lesbian yandere moe~

Seriously, why do I enjoy this show SO much more when I let my yuri goggles go wild?

Part of me immediately wants to word "yuri" as "gay" or "lesbian", but then I get Kanako's "CALL IT SOMETHING MORE DIGNIFIED" in my head...ww

November 02 2010

Always By Your Side
(continued here~)

Cologne: ... You really are
Cologne: such a crybaby, Moonlight.
Moonlight: Ah...
   [And such is how]
   [I lost a very important person to me for a second time.]

   [I thought we'd be together forever.]
   [He accepted everything about me--my strengths, my weaknesses.]
Cologne: Are you alright? Is it a tearjerker, Yuri?
Yuri: Yes. Cologne, do you want to read it too?
   [He always kindly watched over me...]

   [I'll stay by your side forever,]
   [we can never see each other ever again.]
Yuri: ... ah.

   [... isn't this Momoka's house?]
   [How did I wind up here...]
   [I'm a fool. What am I expecting to come out of meeting up with Momoka...?]
   [...... I should go home.]
Momoka: ... Huh? Yuri?

Momoka: What's up?
Momoka: It really IS you.
Momoka: Did you come over to visit? I'm glad I didn't miss you.
*step step step*
Momoka: You should've texted me if you were coming. I just got off work~
Yuri: ... Momoka......
   [Oh no. I feel like I'm going to burst into tears.]
   [I mustn't...!]
Yuri: ...I-I just happened to be nearby and thought I'd pop in and say hi.
Yuri: There's no real meaning behind it or anything.
Momoka: Re~ally? It's certainly rare for you to drop by with no notice.
   [I most definitely will not cry.]
   [Cologne will make fun of me again if I do.]
Yuri: I just kinda felt like seeing you, Momoka...
Momoka: ... Yuri, did something happen?

Yuri: Eh? What'd you just say? Momoka... I couldn't hear you-
Momoka: Don't worry about it! Anyway, come on up to my room!
Yuri: Ah... can I? I'm not interrupting anything here, am I...
Momoka: It's cool, just come!
Momoka: Here you go, have some herb tea. It'll calm you down.
Yuri: ...... It's delicious.
Momoka: Aw, your glasses fogged up. Cute! <3

Yuri: Glasses are such a pain at times like these. Guess I'll leave them off.
Momoka: Yeah, totally. It'd be like that when you're kissing too! It'd be a total mood killer if you had to deal with them being in the way.
Yuri: Oh, sheesh... you're so silly, Momoka.
Yuri: You've got a one-track mind...
Momoka: ... now that was definitely a real smile this time. Thank goodness.
   [...... Eh?]
   [Did Momoka... notice?]
   [But I can't talk to her about Cologne and Precure.]
   [What should I do... how do I lie my way out of this......]
Momoka: ... you don't have to tell me a thing.

Yuri: Huh? Um...
Momoka: There's no need for you to talk to me about it. And don't worry, I won't bug you about it, either.
Momoka: You look like you've been crying your eyes out...
Momoka: That "I just happened to be nearby" was a lie, yeah? But it's hard to tell me why..... bingo, right?
   [Oh no! She saw my eyes when I took my glasses off...]
Yuri: ---------Ah!
   [Why do you always know everything---]
Yuri: Momoka... I-
Momoka: It's fine, it's fine.
Momoka: You really don't have to tell me. I love you, Yuri, but I think that forcing you to tell me absolutely everything would be terribly bad form.

Momoka: That being said, I'm really worried about you. So if you ever think that you might be able to talk about it...
Momoka: Feel free to, anytime.
Momoka: Oh, right! These snacks are SO good! They were given to me.
Momoka: Give 'em a try~
Momoka: They're from that super well-known store in the basement of the department store, apparently!
Yuri: ... Momoka. I...
Momoka: C'mon, I told you already, no need to say a thing.
Yuri: No, I know.
Yuri: ... I don't know if I can explain it very well. ... but let me say just this much.
Yuri: ...I......

Yuri: ......... I
Yuri: lost someone...
Yuri: someone really important to me... someone irreplacable......
Yuri: Th-they
Yuri: Uu...
Yuri: aren't around anymore.
Yuri: ...I-I wanted them to keep on... living. Uu...
Yuri: ... Uu.
Yuri: But... I can... never ever... see them again...!
Yuri: So...

Momoka: ...... I see.
Momoka: That's enough now... I get it.
Momoka: Thank you for telling me, Yuri.
(lots of sobbing)
Momoka: You've done well to hold on by yourself till now.
   [I see now...]
   [I wanted to see Momoka. I wanted her to hold me.]
Momoka: Stay over at my house tonight, 'kay?
Momoka: There, there.
   [I'm not alone anymore.]

   [I'm honestly not very strong at all.]
   [I'm weak.]
   [And all I wanted was to be held by someone......]
Erika: What! Yuri-san's sleeping over tonight?! Seriously?!
*pant pant*
Erika: Then me and Yuri-san can sleep together! Momo-nee is by herself!
Momoka: ... The hell are you talking about? Yuri's sleeping with me, duh!
Erika: It's totally not fair that you get Yuri-san to yourself all the time!
Erika: Awright, time to call for backup. I'm gonna text Tsubomi and Itsuki and call 'em over.
*beep boop beep*
Erika: (Shut up, you loser.)
Momoka: Waaah--! Are you out of your mind?!
Momoka: Say something, Yuri---!
Erika: Message sent~
Momoka: ... Oh well. I guess it's okay.
Momoka: (It made Yuri smile at least.)
Erika: Let's go in the bath together too, Yuri-san! I'll go heat it up!
Yuri: Eh?! Bathing together is a little too much... I'm fine by myself...
Yuri: ... Momoka...
Momoka: Hm? What is it, Yuri?
Yuri: ... um,

Yuri: Thank you.
   [You're okay now, aren't you,]
   [That's right.]
   [I'm okay now.]


Love this comic. Love it. Felt like I should break the K-ON! streak too...

November 01 2010

Man, would not be surprised if this is already TLed on danbooru but I'm too lazy to check. (Besides, I'm just doing this to avoid studying anyway...)


Mio: No way...
Ritsu: It's the truth...
Ritsu: I thought you'd already realised.

   [I was always the one who chased after you.]
   [I was always the one who was offered a hand by you.]
   [I was always the one who was encouraged by your smile.]

Ritsu: I love you, Mio.
Mio: Do you... really?
Ritsu: Really really. Don't you believe me?

Mio: I'm so glad...!
Ritsu: You're always such a crybaby, Mio~

Ritsu: (I might... be able to kiss her right now...)
   [But...... I don't care about stuff like that.]
Ritsu: So you're glad, Mio?
Mio: Mhm.
Ritsu: You're happy about this?
Mio: Mhm.
   [Because I really didn't know------]

   [that communicating your feelings for someone else]
   [is like them giving you their everything------]
Feels like my soup is like 50% K-ON!...and I'm totally okay with this.

Winter themed stuff is so cute. Screw Australia and its lack of snow and coldness to make things uber moe. ;_; At least you get girls wearing bikinis and not much else... doesn't make up for it though *sigh*

October 30 2010

Apparently タチ=オオカミ in K-ON!... well, that makes sense in its own way.


Ritsu: Huh? Mio-chan?
Ritsu: Mio-chan!
Ritsu: What's the matter? Did you get lost?
Ritsu: You're such a scaredy-cat, Mio-chan~
Ritsu: Don't worry.
Ritsu: I'll always stick by you.
Ritsu: Mio-chan, you're a witch?
Mio: Yeah... and Ricchan, you're a doggy?
Ritsu: I'm a werewolf! See, look at my tail!
Mio: (Doggy...)
Ritsu: Did you get any candy, Mio-chan? I got loads~ all I have to say is "trick or treat~" and people give me them.
Mio: That's 'cuz you look like you really WILL trick them, Ricchan.
Ritsu: Mio-chan?!
Mio: (A wolf? When you were that cute? I dunno...)
Ritsu: Mio...
Mio: But you've grown up to be an excellent wolf.
Ritsu: And whose fault do you think that is?
"Trick or treat! Give me a treat or I'll eat you all up~!"

October 28 2010

I'm sure there's some reference here I'm just not getting.

October 25 2010

Secretly Spoilt

Marisa: Alice--!
Marisa: Aw, man!
Marisa: I'm exhausted!
Alice: What's the matter? (There's a leaf stuck in your hair.)
Marisa: EVERYTHING! I dunno what happened with that damned gate guard, but she's been so bloody fired up lately!
Alice: You lost to the gate guard? That's surprising. (Ah, look, you've got a scratch here.)
Marisa: I didn't lose! It was a draw. A draw...
Marisa: Why are YOU here...
Reimu: She just invited me over for tea as thanks for the rice cookies I gave her before.
Marisa: You should've said something if you were here...
Reimu: YOU should've noticed it in the first place!
Reimu: I get it! I'll forget about this. I'll pretend I never saw it in the first place. So look back this way already, dammit.


I do like the occasional Marisa not being seme thing.

October 23 2010

pocky gaaaaameeeeee <3
First season was pretty awesome, yo. And once upon a time I thought Nagisa and Honoka were intensely gay... at least Toei knows what their adult audience is watching for, I guess.


Honoka: Nagisa!
Honoka: I figured out how we can make our Marble Screw Max even stronger!
Nagisa: Huh? What? What do you mean?! (And what's with that pose?)

Honoka: Our power increases when we squeeze our hands tighter together, right? (Like with Illkubo.)
Nagisa: Uhh, really? (That's kinda embarrassing...)

Honoka: So I was thinking that if we brought our hot, wet and naked bodies together, we'd become even more powerful!
Nagisa: Huhwha?!


October 21 2010

B&W is overflowing with yuri-yuri suggestiveness, I love it.


Comic 1...

N: I'm...
N: going to become the Champion!!
Touko: Then I...
Touko: will cross the barrier between genders!!
Touko: And when I do,
Touko: I'll marry Belle!!
Belle: (Whoa~!)

Touko: I'm not going to let you sleep tonight, Belle. <3
Belle: Kya~! Where are you touching~! <3
Cheren: ... so noisy...

Comic 2...

Araragi: Now...
Araragi: Let your journey begin...
Touko: You mean mine and Belle's
Touko: heart-pounding and exciting newly-wed life?!
Araragi: (I told you! Don't stand out more than the Pokemon!!)
Touko: (Oka~~~y...)

Cheren: Belle said
Cheren: we should take our first steps on the journey together.
Touko: I want to take
Touko: all of Belle's "firsts"...
Touko: And in exchange, I'll give Belle all of my "firsts".
Belle: (Kyaaa~)

Plasma dude: We of Team Plasma
Plasma dude: are appealing for the rights of all Pokemon!!
Touko: Que~~~~~stion!
Touko: What are your thoughts on gay marriage rights?
Cheren: Give it a break!!
Touko: (What's the problem with having dreams and aspirations----?!)

October 20 2010


October 19 2010

More YuiAzu moe. With liberal amounts of Ui for good measure. WHY IS SHE THE BEST LITTLE SISTER EVER.


Continue the pages...

[More than a month has passed since Yui-senpai and the others graduated, and we've become third year students.]
[Yui-senpai and the rest have started their time as university students.]
Azusa: How nice. It looks so fun.
[I still feel a little lonely,]
[but there's no way I can say that, not in comparison with her...]
Ui: O... Onee-chan.

Azusa: You okay?
Ui: I was prepared for this to an extent, y'know? But...
Azusa: Ui...
Ui: I never expected not being able to take care of Onee-chan would be this painful!
Azusa: Whaaaa~~~?!

Jun: Why don't you just give in and go see her?
Ui: Mm~~
Azusa: Hey, Jun!
Jun: Azusa-chan?
Azusa: It's not that easy!
Jun: Why not!
Ui: Calm down, you two.
Azusa: Nyaaa!
Ui: I mean, I'm fine.
Ui: I've got this to tie me over.
Ui: Ufufu.
Recorder: Ui~ food~ Ui~ icecream~
  * A tape recorder.
Jun & Azusa: Huh~~~~?!

Recorder: Ui~ icecream~
Ui: Dinner comes first, Onee-chan.
[S-she's having a conversation with it!]
Recorder: Ui~ Ui~
Ui: Oh, jeez, silly Onee-chan. Ufufu.
*jump up*
Ui: Okay!
[You aren't "okay" at all!]

Azusa: Give it up already!
*shake shake*
Ui: I'm okay, don't worry, Azusa-chan...
Azusa: But...
Ui: Gotta go to the bathroom.
Jun: Thought she said not to worry...
Azusa: Seriously.

Jun: Good grief.
Jun: If she's seriously in here because she wanted to cry by herself...
Ui: *pant* Onee-chan...

Jun: Uiiii~~~
Ui: What's the matter?
Azusa: Uwaa~h.
Jun: Don't worry! We'll stay with you tonight!
*bzz~ bzz~*
All: Hmm?
Ui: Onee-chan!
Azusa: Eh? Yui-senpai?

Jun: U... Ui?
Azusa: Uh... Ui?
Azusa: Eh? Wait, what?

Azusa: It's surprising that she's coming home all of a sudden.
Ui: Yeah, but I'm really glad.
Azusa: ... good for you, girl.
Ui: Kyaa.
Ui: Yeah.
Ui: Ehehe.

Ui: I'm sorry about this, Jun-chan...
Jun: Have fun.
Jun: Don't sweat it.
Azusa: Don't you think we bought too much?
Ui: You think?
Azusa: There's definitely too much for two people.
Ui: Including your share, there's enough for three people.
Azusa: Eh?
Ui: I'll treat you as an apology for worrying you.
Azusa: I HAVE to forgive you if you're pulling the food card on me.
Azusa: This is so heavy~
Ui: Keep it up!

Ui: Alright! I'm gonna try for another two dishes!
Azusa: I'm going to take out the plates and food now.
Azusa: *giggle*
Azusa: (Man, Ui's sure bounced right back.)
[She's so happy to be able to see Yui-senpai again...]
Yui: I'm home~

Azusa: Yui-senpai?!
*worn out*
Azusa: What happened?
Yui: Ah... Azunyan.
Yui: It's Azunyan! <3<3<3<3
*wobble wobble*
Azusa: ?! What was that sound?!

Ui: Are you okay?
Ui: Here's some water.
Yui: It's been crazy trying to get here. I haven't had a chance to eat since this morning...
Ui: That's terrible! Then I'd better get dinner right away!
Azusa: You haven't changed a bit...
Yui: Ahh, Ui~
Ui: Yes?
Yui: Icecream~
Azusa: Dinner comes first!
Yui: Azu.. nyan...

Yui: Bathtime!
Ui: Here's some tea.
Azusa: Thanks.
Azusa: Huh...? Did she forget her change of clothes?
Azusa: (Wh-?! Are these senpai's?!)
Azusa: S-string tie.
Yui: Heyy~ aren't they impressive?
Azusa: Y-YES.
Azusa: What! Senpai?!
Yui: Mugi-chan left 'em behind...
Azusa: Oh! Really now!
*badump badump*

Ui: She fell asleep.
Azusa: She's like a little kid.
Azusa: Anyway.
Azusa: Guess I'd better take a bath myself.
Ui: Okay... ah, Azusa-chan!
Azusa: Hm?
Ui: Thank you so much for today.
Azusa: No prob.

Azusa: *sigh*... this has been one heck of a day.
Azusa: This is always what happens when I get involved with Yui-senpai... seriously.
Azusa: She's such a troublesome girl...
Azusa: Isn't she?
Duck: *quack quack*
Azusa: Ah.
Azusa: Bath's free--

Azusa: Jeez...
Azusa: What will I do with these sisters...

*badump badump*
Yui: Itchy.
Ui: Onee~ cha~n.

October 18 2010

I have an intense desire to buy some red laces and heart-shaped beads and mod my own knee-high boots like this.

October 17 2010

So I'm not the only one who thought Kiririn and Kuroneko were incredibly gay amidst their cute little rivalry, huh.

(... well I thought that Kirino was gay for liking imouto eroge, but this is me putting my own experiences on a girl in an incest series here...!)
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